About Us

Incorporated in the year 1925, Raymond group has been a household name in India ever since. Lustrous fabrics, polished and smooth design are some of the critical traits of Raymond. We are among the few Raymond dealers in Chennai, who brings you authentic Raymond garments from reliable sources.

Made from 100% Linen material, Raymond garments come with durable and long-lasting fabrics, that does not only showcase your fashion sense but also heightened your presence in the social circle. Raymond is known for its innovative clothing by integrating conventional style with modern technology. Raymond is the first in India who introduced the superfine 11.4-micron wool blend, which practically changes the fashion landscape in India.

Among other Raymond Wholesale Dealers in Chennai, we at Raymond Group, take pride in your authentic service, which won't be possible without the relentless contribution of our employees. We understand the value of time, and that is why, to live up to our title for the best Raymond Dealership in Chennai, We always strives to delivers a prompt service with the joint contribution from our employees and us.

With a group of hardworking workforces, we have established ourselves as the most preferred Raymond shop in Chennai due to our vast collection of Raymond products and clothing.

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